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Recently we were pondering offering our services to a fairly local charity thats website was, lets say, a little tired. As it transpired we didn’t get the work and missed that opportunity but it did get me thinking about our own culture and company values.

Our company values at current are more a case of “hearts in the right place” as opposed to anything concrete on paper that would allow us to work pro-bono for a major charity we all support or to get involved with community projects etc. We are happy at current to explore opportunities with major charities, not-for-profits, CIC’s etc but we would like to be known for providing this kind of work by the industry. We would like to be known to these organisations so that should a need ever arise for our services, we are thought of as a potential provider for those services.

Now this does present difficulties. How do you get a major charity or organisation to see you and take note of the work you are doing when they are not potentially engaging you for that work? How do you instil a confidence in you without them seeing first hand what you do? These questions are important because we would like to work in this space, fairly regularly one day but if we don’t find the right answers we could end up working for free on a mountain of projects. This would be great except we wouldn’t be able to keep it up, good deeds don’t cover mortgage payments and bills I am afraid and we are a profit-led entity at the end of the day as this is very much all of our day jobs.

Some of the types of charities (If you are reading this) we would love to be speaking to about their digital are;

Cancer charities

Childrens charities

Newly formed charities

Homeless charities

Veterans charities

If you are from one of these organisations please get in touch and lets see what we can do together. If you know of someone from one of these organisations can you please send them this blog post.

Thanks in advance.

AUTHOR: Mark Blacklee

Mark, as MD, writes about the culture within the company, what and where the company is headed, along with information regarding new business wins and client successes.

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