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That’s right, you’re not reading a time paradox the long awaited Magento 2.0 has not been released to the public. The long awaited platform has been in development since 2010 5 years seems an awful long time but some of the amazing features and changes are definitely worth the wait.


The Magento file structure has had an overhaul as most Magento developers will know navigating your way around Magentos existing file structure can be a tedious task to say the least, with the new 2.0 version of Magento everything is now under /app as well as each module having its own view directory which you can access all of its template, layouts, js and css files in one place! This should also open up the possibility of more customisation for developers and plugin developers without having to change core site functionality. Here are just a select few changes:


HTML5, CSS3, RequireJS, PHP5.5.x, MySQL 5.6, CSS pre-processor, full page caching and much more which will please the developers out there!


Improved indexing – This is long awaited for me personally as indexes have caused me a fair share of headaches in the past. The new indexers include all of the functionality that the previous enterprise versions had the main difference is that they are more efficient when updating and have improved the speed of the query to allow much faster updating.


No more prototype javascript library, this was the main javascript library that was used when magento 1.x.x versions came out due to jQuery not being stable at the time. However as we all know jQuery is now stable so is now the main javascript library in Magento 2.0 however prototype is still there if you really need it.


The user interface of the admin panel of magento has had a huge overhall and is looking very clean and very modern compared to the old clunky interface:

If you’ve ever used Magento 1.x versions you will be able to see fairly easily how much simpler and easy to use this UI is.


With the release of Magento version 2 the team has announced it will be trying to have better engagement with the development community from webinars and special events to involve the developers more in the evolution and growth of Magento.


All in all there are some amazing new features here that were definitely worth the wait with the official release now were hoping to see some fantastic new 2.0 Magento websites poping up hopefully to be the next generation of e-commerce.

AUTHOR: Jonathan
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