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Choosing to work with an agency isn’t a straightforward decision, its fraught with the fear of failure, the uncertainty of synergy, the high expectations on ROI, but above all that, the abundance of choice you are presented with.

So lets assume that by reading this you are in fact looking to work with an agency, an agency that is going to help propel your business to a higher level and achieve strong results in key areas to fall in line with the objectives of the business. So ask yourself this question “What are your business objectives at current?” Whatever your answers are here chances are growth covers 80% of you key business objectives for the coming months/years.

“At the time of writing this post we are estimating that we have generated a whopping 875% average ROI for our clients.”

So with growth in mind lets talk digital marketing. There is absolutely no denying that the internet is your gateway to the world, it provides everyone with access to it unparalleled opportunities and as a business this should be a key area you are already working on to grow your business. If not then please go and crawl back into your cave, you have no business reading this. To the rest of you let me ask you this “Legal and finance within a business are critical areas you must not fall fowl of so you ensure you have a good accountant and solicitor, so why would you leave an equally as important aspect to the best “qualified” employee you have?” (If you have hired digital experts then this does not apply to you). So many times we see companies eager to keep this in house for no other reason to save money on agency fees, long after investing (<Investing being the most important keyword here) good money into lawyers and accountants. Now don’t get me wrong, good accountants and lawyers are worth their weight in gold but they won’t directly grow your business, they wont directly increase sales, leads and enquiries, they wont be responsible for record breaking growth, but this investment is seen as not just safe but mandatory.

What I am getting at is growth is a key issue in any business, we are striving to grow faster and further, become more profitable and out perform the competition, so use the best tools at your disposal to make this happen. Make the investment in the right agency who can come on board with you and take your business to whole new levels by transforming key metrics within your PPC account to drive further, better traffic through to the website, they can develop the site to better increase the chance of conversions and essentially put more money on your bottom line.

We do have to address the cost, yes agencies come at a cost, unfortunately doing good digital deeds doesn’t pay mortgages and cover bills, so we do charge fees. But those fee’s are an investment an investment in growth, the right agency will work their socks off for you to ensure massive ROI. At the time of writing this post we are estimating (Best we can offer I am afraid) that we have generated on average a whopping 875% return on investment for our clients. Clients that we have taken over web and PPC management responsibilities from an employee who were running these is significantly higher.

We are not perfect but one thing we are damn good at is generating results for our clients, we have been able to come on board with several of them after they have worked with one/two/three agencies previously who haven’t been able to generate solid enough results for whatever reason but we have been able too. We do things differently here at Curo and its winning plaudits with not just our clients but Google themselves, its great to receive a phone call from their team regarding clients accounts and we are told first hand that were doing a top job.

We should mention at this point we are Google Partners, this means we have took our knowledge to Google themselves and have passed all their benchmarks for partner status which we have held for over 5 years now.

We have all the credentials and we would love this opportunity to come and speak to you about your digital needs. And with an average client ROI around the 875% mark, like the titles suggests, you really should be paying us to manage your campaigns.

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AUTHOR: Mark Blacklee

Mark, as MD, writes about the culture within the company, what and where the company is headed, along with information regarding new business wins and client successes.

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